About Us

Maegan and James are United States Army Veterans. They spent their service time working on helicopters and caring for injured soldiers.  They both have a passion for caring for people.  Maegan stayed in the healthcare field and her specialties include a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, ICU, Emergency Room, and Post Anesthesia Care Unit.  James continued with aviation and has made a career flying.  

While Maegan worked with the elderly in both the emergency department and intensive care unit, a realization occurred. Many of these individuals came from assisted living facilities. Caring for seniors in the community-made both Maegan and James want to create a truly unique assisted living facility. Creating an assisted living facility that truly felt like HOME was our mission.


I believe that Corner Oak Estate, LLC feels like a home and it would truly be our honor to serve you.

Maegan and James Bilton

Administrator and Owners

(813) 956-8382


Veteran Owned/Operated

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